Our Teams

MGAL is a community based organization, started by educators from the Sonoma County community, for the Sonoma County community. We are a female founded, multi-cultural organization that recognizes the needs and challenges that historically marginalized students face, because all of us were those students. We are dedicated to ensuring that the next generation of marginalized students are safe, supported, loved and celebrated in Sonoma County and beyond.

MGAL is a human centered organization with an equitable, flat leadership structure. Our Design Team, Community Outreach Team, and Advisory Body members are Sonoma County locals that are passionate about progressive, equitable education. Our teams are fully integrated, and work in tandem to realize our vision, one team is not more important than the other. We honor and value the ideas, input and feedback from ALL of our team members, and strive to ensure that as many voices are in the room as possible.

We practice regularly asking ourselves, “Who is missing from the conversation?” and welcome the feedback, input  and participation of people from ALL aspects of the Sonoma County community, including those who identify as BIPOC, AAPI, LGBTQIA+, neurodiverse, and individuals with disabilities. To get involved in the school, or one of our teams, please email: info@magnoliaglobalacademy.org