Design Team

Gianna Biaggi is a graduate of Sonoma Valley High School and Kenyon College. She is the 2017 winner of the Samuel Huntington Public Service Award, a national prize for public service, for her work in literacy education. Gianna is the co-founder, and previously served as the Director of Operations for Sunflower Trust, a middle school literacy program for vulnerable girls in Nairobi, Kenya. Sunflower Trust has received extensive financial support from Girl Rising, a leader in the non-profit funding world for girl’s education. Gianna previously served as the Head of the Lower School at Abaarso School of Science and Technology in Somaliland. At Abaarso, Gianna taught 7th, 8th and 9th grade English Language Arts and physical education, facilitated the admissions process for new students, all while leading the Lower School teaching team, managing the Lower School curriculum, and developing best practices to serve girls and girl identified youth. Gianna was a 2020 New School Creation Fellow at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education.

Haley Godbold, M.Ed., is a Bay Area native with a passion for equitable education and a feline sidekick named Miso. She is relatively new to the teaching game, having earned both her teaching credential and Masters in Education in 2019. But don’t be fooled by her youth; in her three years as a high school teacher, she has devised and implemented a culturally sustaining curriculum across a bevy of subjects, including World History, US History, World Literature, US Literature, Drama, and English as a Second Language. There is nothing Haley loves more than creating inclusive classroom communities that fosters student empowerment and wellbeing. When she isn’t teaching, Haley seeks opportunities to partake in diversity and inclusivity initiatives in her community, and enjoys supporting local arts and stuffing her face at neighborhood restaurants.

Kinyatta Reynolds is a long time resident of Petaluma, California. She briefly moved away from Petaluma when she attended the University of Washington on both an academic and athletic scholarship. She married her husband, also a lifelong resident of this amazing community. They have 3 wonderful kids (11, 9, 5) attending three different schools. She has taught physical education for 5 years, coached at the local high school, and has been a member of the board for the local competitive soccer club for several years. Kinyatta is an advocate for building a stronger and more inclusive community through academics, athletics and play.

Lisa Gottfried, M.Ed., is in her eighth year of teaching Digital Design CTE for the flagship New Technology High School in Napa. She was recognized 2017-2019 in the top 100 Global Innovation collections for for her work with digital school portfolios and the Global Create-a-Thon. She is a certified New Tech Network Teacher and winner of the national Best in Network Award in 2019 for her Lighted Art Project. She is currently a guest lecturer for Touro University, California in the Innovative Learning Masters program and is the NapaLearns Fellow of the Year 2019-2020. Lisa is also an Adobe Master Teacher for the Adobe Education Exchange and is a member of the 200+ Global Adobe Education Leader team. She also serves on the Photoshop Advisory Council representing the needs of educators and students to the app development team. She is founder of the Link Online Learners program that connects students
ages 11-18 years old from all over the world to meet and share culture, hobbies and fun via video conferencing. She laughs heartily and often and loves snarky humor. Her passion is connecting with educators from around the world to advance innovative learning practices in the classroom.

Paloma Apgar is a mother to an ambitious 7th grader and hyper Jack Russel terrier. She works in the nonprofit sector, guiding teens to reach gainful employment and teaching them life skills. She is working towards a B.S. in Political Science, and privately homeschools her 12 year old daughter. Her work with teens is rewarding, and the knowledge that she uses her skills and own life experience to teach is truly a fulfilling dream she has worked dearly towards for many years. Paloma is a Sonoma Valley native, but has been lucky to travel extensively in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the UK, and across the United States. These travels have shaped and educated her in ways she couldn’t have experienced in a classroom, and have instilled in her a lifelong desire to seek and explore new things, places, and people. When not teaching and cooking, Paloma spends time hiking on the coast, gardening, reading, and dreaming of a future full of further adventurous educational opportunities and travels for she and her family.

Aidy Lacy is a Special Education Teacher’s Aide and is the current Music Director at Lattice Educational Services in Santa Rosa. She graduated from Cal Poly in 2017 with a B.S. in Kinesiology. She worked on a research project on weight loss interventions in 2017 with Dr. Suzanne Phelan of Cal Poly. In 2018 she worked as a Registered Behavior Technician helping children with autism learn and grow in addition to working as a personal trainer where she customized fitness plans for dozens of clients. In 2019, she worked at the Hanna Boys Center in Sonoma, CA where she helped children who had experienced trauma in their lives. During her time at Hanna Boys Center, she did a lot of LGBTQ+ advocacy and helped disseminate information about the LGBTQ+ community during pride month. In her free time, she likes to practice devil sticks, dance, write songs, perform guitar and ukulele, play video games, exercise, and enjoy the company of good friends (at a distance!).

Seana Dooley McDonald, M.Ed, is a English/Social Studies teacher in the Petaluma District, and has been working there since 2014. Before that she worked for Sonoma County of Education in both the Juvenile Detention School – Deforest Hamilton – and in Special Education. Prior to working for SCOE, Ms. Dooley worked in Arizona for a charter that provided at-risk, high-promise youth the opportunity to work at their own pace in a student focused, computer driven program. In her sixteen+ years in education, Ms Dooley’s focus has always been students who have been “pushed out” of traditional education. Ms. Dooley’s training in ELL, SPED, and ACE best practices have allowed her to create universal accommodations that support all learners by creating systemic equity. Because of this practice, she is also able to develop intellectually challenging learning opportunities that push students to grapple with ideas and skills they might otherwise be unwilling to try. In her free time…LOL. Before COVID, she enjoyed gardening, reading for pleasure, and spending time with people who live outside her