Our Story

By Locals—For Locals

Magnolia Global Academy is a grassroots educational program founded and funded by our community. In the fall of 2020, a small group led by Gianna Biaggi came together to address the urgent need for a high school program that better prepares students to enter both a career and college. The group of Sonoma County community members included teachers, administrators, non-profit executives, parents, and students. Discussing shared lived experiences attending and working in Sonoma County public schools, they designed Magnolia Global Academy to replicate the successes and address the gaps in the community’s education system.

The MGAL Mission

MGAL is on a mission to educate leaders through experiential learning, a commitment to equity, community partnership, and global citizenship.

Our Core Values

Our Design Principles

Magnolia Global Academy is guided by four connected Design Principles that set aspirational goals and create a foundation for understanding our approach:

  1. Experiential Learning: At MGAL, learning happens through doing. Through our four signature experiential  learning programs: project-based learning, internships, externships, and domestic and international education, our students are connected to the world beyond the classroom.
  2. Community Partnership: MGAL was built for Sonoma County students by Sonoma County natives. Students connect their studies to our community through fieldwork, community service, internships, and externships. We honor the past, present, and future of Sonoma County through place-based projects.
  3. Global Citizenship: MGAL students explore the world through a domestic and international travel experience, exchange student classmates from around the world, and a globally minded curriculum that explores our interconnected society.
  4. Commitment to Equity: MGAL honors the identities of our students. We uplift the lived experiences of our students through an inclusive, twenty-first-century curriculum and projects.

We are Sonoma County’s First Globally Minded, Project-Based High School

High-Quality Education Brought Home

The quality of our county’s education system has a significant impact on the quality of our future leaders and neighbors. Sonoma County is the only county in the North Bay without a globally-minded, project-based learning high school—MGAL is bridging the gap.

Impressive Results Speak for Themselves

Students at New Tech High School in Napa County report being more engaged in school through investigations of real world-problems. They perform better on the Math and English Language Arts CAASP exams and are more likely to graduate from high school than their non-New Tech counterparts. At MGAL, we’re striving to capture these tangible, positive results for students. We’re educating our leaders through experiential learning, a commitment to equity, community partnership, and global citizenship to make way for continued success. We value deeper engagement, a higher level of problem-solving, and increased peer collaboration that stems from project-based learning. Our curriculum further uniquely prepares students for college, careers, and life beyond high school. When implemented successfully,”94% of students at project-based learning high schools graduate from high school, and 83% persist in college.”